missgingergray (missgingergray) wrote in lorna_luft,

Lots of Lorna news :)

As many of you know, on Judy Garland's birthday (June 10th) a stamp was dedicated to her at Carnegie Hall- how fitting ;)  Lorna, along with her brother Joe and her kids Jesse and Vanessa, were there to celebrate- and Miss Liza's presence was there via video.  For more news on that, visit her website.

ALSO, if any of you are MySpace users you will probably shriek as I did earlier today... Lorna has a MySpace!!!!!!!  I friended her and left a totally retarded comment... who knows if she'll even see it!  Anyway, here's a link to her profile- http://www.myspace.com/lornaluft

I guess that's about all that I have... I leave you with a totally CUTE picture from the stamp commemoration:

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