Paula Ridgeway (paularidgeway) wrote in lorna_luft,
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Lorna was brilliant last night. ::Sigh:: I wish everyone could have been there with me. She did a lot of Peter Allan, Burt Bacharach, and a lot of the things she was in shows with like "Guys and Dolls" and "Promises, Promises." It was divine. She looked happy and healthy--and she certainly sounded healthy.

I got to hear a little bit of the show before mine as well, because my mother and I got there so early. I could really only hear when she belted though--and everytime I could hear her I'd grab on to my mother's arm. At one point she asked, "Why must you grab my arm everytime Lorna belts?" I said it was a reflex, but the more exact truth is that it always put shivers down my spine. It's beautiful.

Happy New Year, everyone! :)

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